How to Use Buyer Personas in Social Media Marketing

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How to Use Buyer Personas in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have billions of active users.  By using social media marketing, guided by accurate personas, one can reach a range and scale of potential customers, both for domestic tourism and internationals.  At this time there is no single ‘experiences’ or destination app for activities so small operators can compete with DMCs and the booking platforms that are on everyone’s phone.  However, the real key is to target the market with pinpoint accuracy and that is where  a little knowledge of personas can go a long way.


USER PERSONAS for Social Media for Kep and Kampot Cambodia

Kampot and Kep, Cambodia selling day tours to attractions - clients are international visitors or tourists from overseas who are social media users and they buy day tours to the attractions in both Kep and Kampot who buy based on posts on Facebook and Instagram.  Kampot is 135 km south of Phnom Penh situated along the Cambodian riviera.  It has culture, adventure, nature, and agritourism, and a variety of other activities that the psychographic featured below is attracted to. 





Sarah is a 30-year-old digital marketer from London who enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures. She is single, without children, and has an annual income of $70,000. Sarah often uses social media to research and plan her trips and is looking for unique and exciting experiences to share with her followers.


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Sarah enjoys adventure, is out-going, and will spend for unique experiences. 


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Sarah, being single and an extrovert, will spend $200 to $500 day provided it is a good value and a unique experience. 


Activity and tour providers need to craft their social media posts to address this persona.  The product offerings will differ by client but this persona will be interested in authentic experiences, in helping the local population, and be interested in 'green" tours. 

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